Program Description

At Kids-R-Unique we develop our programs and themes in an organized manner, which relates to the basic concepts in a preschooler’s life, such as: positive early social skills, families, holidays, health, and safety etc. Most importantly “the child is the curriculum”; meaning we are attentive to the children’s group or individual interests, and try to incorporate that into our daily activities and themes. Although Kids-R-Unique is a play-based center (we focus on learning new skills through play) we adopt and utilize several different philosophies to encourage positive growth and development. These philosophies include:

Montessori: A focus on academics, recognizing that children learn at their own pace. We provide the materials for children to problem solve and to learn/work independently.

Reggio Emilia: A focus on exploring and discovery. To provide children with opportunities to discover new interests, to ask questions and find out the answers together in a safe, hands-on and authentic manner.

Waldorf: A focus on nature and natural materials. Waldorf is characterized by a predictable structure and dependable routine, however there is an emphasis on creative learning, reading, singing, dancing, acting, etc.

We provide a variety of stimulating activities for your children to explore. Learning areas and centers are updated on a consistent basis. Resources, materials, and themes are frequently changed to promote your children’s interests.